In advance

-Message from the organizer-

On May 25, the government announced the gradual relaxation of the restriction on event holdings with certain condition, and the events that will be held after August 1 are approved. In addition, among the people is the growing the tone of "Let's move the economy!" Since June 19, the self-restraint of business and the movement across different prefectures are lifted. I can finally see the signs of a positive coexistence.

In the area around Suganuma campsite, there are no private houses or residents, and tourism is the main source of income for the locals, Therefore, the locals who work in tourism and the tourism section of the local municipality are looking forward for this year's event to be held by. We as GLOBAL ARK would like to contribute to regional revitalization and economic recovery.

This year, we will hold a special theme: the Resurgence of Mind. They say "self-restraint exhaustion,” but I think self-restraint is not the only one that exhaust us. During the period of self-restraint, our mind was exhausted by the mass media, the experts who overtly instigate the fear, and the general public who became "self-restraint police" to criticize others. These have caused a great stress to our mind. Everyone has different common sense. There is as much common sense as the number of people. When a person imposes their common sense against another, it can cause a conflict… we want to avoid that, right?

During the past few months, the world has been so closed down, and it seemed that we were starting to forget the richness within hearts with joy and excitement, the real communication between people, and happiness to share all those moments and feelings… With the power of music and dance, we aim to eliminate discord and brighten up the world, and hopefully this event will become the first step.

Additionally I want to say that it must have been a real challenge for healthcare professionals and essential workers. We are here today because of them. The situations might continue to be difficult, but I will keep sending energy from the bottom of my heart. Also, during the period of self-restraint up to this point, all the people around us, such as artists, DJs, and all who are involved with the scene, have suffered day by day economically. There is a lot I want to say to the mass media, international financial capital, expert committees, government and bureaucrats. However, putting all that aside, I don’t want 2020 to end like this. We will do our best to prepare within the limited time with full powered gear, in order to welcome everyone with courage and hope.

Importantly, in the current situation of the world, we must give special consideration. Whether it's a new virus, influenza, or a traffic accident, there are many things on earth that we must be careful about. We will announce, manage, and create the venue paying special attention to these. And above all, this event will not be made possible without the cooperation of all the visitors. There are some important notes at the end, so be sure to read it to the end, and let's have a safe and enjoyable party together.


About GA

This year, we will only sell advance tickets and limit the number of audience.

GLOBAL ARK 2020 will be held at the Sugenuma Campground, by the clearest water on Honshu, Sugenuma Lake. A rich natural setting between Nikko and Oze, and the superb artist lineup await you. This year there will be two dance floors and bars, a food court, and a campsite.

Global Ark flyer


The the campsite is larger than the last year, so more people can enjoy camping. We hope you have the best time dancing and make great summertime memories at the GLOBAL ARK!


Just as last year, we ensure the gorgeous lineup and the spectacular location of the lakeside of Suganuma, which boasts the highest transparency in the main island of Japan. The areas for dancing, bar, food, and camping are all made cozy and comfortable, so you can relax and enjoy the three days while being in the great nature.

Portfolio Image

LINE UP 2020

Every year, GLOBAL ARK has welcomed oversea DJs as guests, but it is also true that there are many overseas artists who mainly produce music but come to Japan to DJ for promotion purposes. GLOBAL ARK's strength is that, without solely depending on overseas artists, there have been many domestic DJs who mastered their craft in the field to become professional as DJs. While many events are being canceled this year, GLOBAL ARK can be held for a wonderful team of domestic DJs. Regardless of genre or recognition, the lineup of DJs all grew up in the field and know all about dance music, and they will be the main players. This gorgeous co-play is the real pleasure of GLOBAL ARK.


DJ/LIVE & Performance

【GLOBAL ARK 2020 feat. DJs】
Hideo Kobayashi(Official) a.k.a. H.I.D. (Fuente Music)

-Special Appearance-

- Detroit Influence Set -

【LIVE & Performance】
ngt. (rebel base)

MAYURI (REBOOT/Metamorphose)
Fake Eyes Production(Shigeo JD / Mustache X)
CHOKO (Digitalblock)
Bob Rogue (Black Corporation)
DJ Dante (push.. / Side By Side)
AQUIRA (MTP / Supertramp)
Tsutomu (Sawagi Festival / nagomi)
TARZAN (NewTone / ODD Friday / MEiYOU)
eRee (INDIGO TRIBE / 貞淑)
ZEN◯ (Natural Parmanent / ZIPANG)
Isamu Kobayashi (ex Byblos/exTsubaki Ball)
Keita Endo (Club Doikki)
Akihiro Suzuki
moe the anvil


DJ/LIVE & Performance

【Global Ark DJs & Performer】
ECSTASY TWINS (六弦詩人 義家&小滝みつる) -LIVE-

【Dance Performance】
ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΑ -Fire Dance-
Kaori -LED Hooper-

【VJ / Light Show】



【Bubble effect】

Hiroshi Suzuki

【Candle Deco】
Earth Liquer


FOOD&SHOP Space Design

Green and Peace

【Food Court】
Food studio ODA家
Liberty 151a
月夜見食堂+ imbaya shop

Art Of Life jewelry
first Sample

Tiny Bird Coffee Service

【Shaved ice】
Rainbow Planet

【Special Thanks】
CLASH promotion
Waon Productions

PURCHASING TICKETグローバルアークの前売りチケット


【 Gate Open】
Open at 2 p.m. August 28 Friday

Start at 6 p.m.August 28 Friday

*Caution! There is no internet connection on site. If you purchased “Sumachike” from e+, please download your ticket to your phone so that you can show the ticket at the entrance. *If the campsite capacity is reached during the advance ticket sale period, there will be no extra ticket sales.

Only Advanced Ticket 7,000yen
Parking : Inside the venue 2,500yen / Outside the venue 1,000yen
Tent Fee : 1,500yen / Tarp tent : 2,000yen

*A tarp must be smaller than 3m ×3m in size. Please refrain from using anything bigger.
*No auto camping at the site. There is no space for cars on site.

※Only Advanced





Make a Reservation

    【Bungalow Reservations 】

    ◎Bungalows are available for reservation for persons who bought at least two advance tickets.
    You must enter two ticket numbers on the bungalow reservation form.
    Please be advised that you cannot reserve the bungalows without at least two tickets!

    ◎The reservation for the bungalow is completed when the deposit is transferred.
    (If the event is cancelled due to natural disaster, the deposit will be fully refunded.)

    Please use the reservation form in the official website.

    1.If there is a specific bungalow you want to reserve, please tell us the bungalow number on the map.
    (It is on first-come-first-served basis. We will notify you if the specific bungalow is taken.)

    ※If the form is not working properly on the website, please send us a request by email.


    2.Once the transfer is confirmed, we will email you the reservation number.
    3.On the day of the event, tell us the reservation number at the entrance, and someone will show you the bungalow.
    4.We recommend early reservation!

    < Bungalow Prices >

    ※SOLD OUT!! Shirabiso(for 2 to 6 people, 8 rooms)
    ¥18,000 for one night, or ¥27,000 for two nights.

    ※SOLD OUT!! Shyakunage(For 2 to 10 people, 12 rooms)
    ¥21,000 for one night, or ¥35,000 for two nights.

    ※SOLD OUT!! Asunaro(For 10 people, 24 rooms)
    ¥25,000 for one night, or ¥38,000 for two nights.


    There is NO ELECTRICITY at the camp site, and the bungalows are no exception!
    Please bring lanterns and flashlights. Please be advised, that you will not be able to recharge your smartphones.
    We would like you to refrain from bringing pets. However, if you must bring a pet for a reason, please read the 【Notice 】section on the homepage and take care not to disturb other participants.

-GA2020 Glamping Tent 3 days and 2 nights !!!-

    We will be hosting a new glamping area this year.
    We will have a limited number of 10 luxury bell tents in the area.
    And with on-site parking, you can enjoy a party for 3 days and 2 nights as soon as you arrive.
    (It's 56,000 yen per night, but the parking fee of 2,500 yen is also included in the price.
    Assuming 3 days and 2 nights for 4 people, you can stay at 7,000 yen per person per night
    and you can park your car on site.)

    Advance tickets can be reserved at the entrance, for glamping tent guests only.

    so please send an email to that effect when applying. Application deadline: 8/2

    3 days and 2 nights plus on-site parking, 56,000 yen
    All the guest rooms at the Glamping Tent can accommodate up to 4 people.
    ・Bell Tent with Key
    ・4 beds (air bed)
    ・Tent sheets

    ※ We will set up and take down the tents here.
    When you arrived at the Venue, We think you can enjoy party. soon.
    ※ Please bring a blanket or a sleeping bag,
    ※ Advance tickets are extra.
    ※ Please note. If we do not receive more than 8 reservations, the glamping tent will be cancelled.

    How to make a reservation
    ① Reservations:
    Please fill in your name/contact information/number of people above.
    Please put in your reservation email.

    ②If we receive applications for 8 or more tents, we will decide to hold a glamping tent night and notify you by email.

    ③Please transfer the accommodation fee (which will be the deposit) to the following designated account within 4 days of receiving the email.

    Japan Post Bank, 098 Branch
    (savings account) 1839563
    GLOBAL ARK Uneiiinkai

    ゆうちょ銀行 〇九八(ゼロキュウハチ)支店
    グローバルアーク ウンエイイインカイ

    ④Reservation will be confirmed upon confirmation of payment.

    ⑤Please give our staff ask the Glamping Tent when you get the Venue, if you give us your name, you will be given a key and one of our staff will take you to the glamping area.

    グランピングテントの画像1 グランピングテントの画像2 グランピングテントの画像3


    【Notice 】

    ※You can bring a maximum of 3 (THREE) cans or PET bottles (soft drinks OR alcohol) onto the site. No glass allowed. Please take any trash home with you.

    ※Weather changes rapidly in the mountains. In August, temperature maybe 30℃ in the daytime and drop to 10℃ in the nighttime.

    Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and heat protection, cold protection, and rain gears.

    ※We have no internet access on site. We recommend contacting your friends at the interchange or at the station.

    ※Please do not park in the no parking area. Take care not to disturb neighbors and do not enter restricted areas.

    Please do not park in the restaurant “Hishiya” in front of the venue.

    ※The parking space is limited. Please car pool if you can.

    ※Please refrain from coming to the site with a big camping car.

    ※There is NO ELECTRICITY at the campsite. The generators for the entrance and stages are for music only and can not be spared for charging smartphones or other utilities.

    ※We will not be responsible for any accidents or lost articles. Please be responsible for your own belongings.

    ※Please understand that even if the artist lineups are changed or cancelled under unavoidable circumstances, there will be no refund for the tickets.

    ※No swimming in the lake!

    ※No tents around the lake for environmental conservation.

    ※Please do not bring your own speakers or radios. Everyone is coming to the event to enjoy music by artists.

    ※About Pets.

    We will appreciate it if you would not bring your pets.
    Dogs in particular are able to hear 4 to 10 times humans. They can hear sound frequencies we cannot hear.
    Comparing to our 20Hz to 20,000Hz range, dogs can hear from 16Hz to 160,000Hz.
    They are 16 times more perceptive in the strength of sound. They can also tell 32 directions of sound origins, compared to just 16 directions for humans.
    GLOBAL ARK is a music festival. There is nonstop music. It must be very stressful for dogs as they can hear so much more than us.
    We recommend having your pets hous-sit and enjoy the festival without worrying about their hearing.
    If you cannot leave your pets for a special reason, please read the following to keep in mind.

    Some of us are not so good with animals.

    ① Don’t let your pets loose. Please keep them on leashes.
    ② Please pickup after your pets.
    ③ Noise pets makes could be very annoying to other people in the campsite. Please be considerate to other people.
    ④ If your pets cause damages to the venue, the repair fee will be charged to you.
    ⑤ There will be kids in the campsite. Please refrain from bringing big animals or animals that may bite. We reserve the right to refuse entry.
    The following breeds of dogs are not allowed in the campsite: Great Dane, German Shepherd, Dobermann, St.Bernard, Tosa, Akita, Kishu, Kai.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Sugenuma Camp Village
4655-17 Higashiogawa, Katashina, Gunma Prefecture


global ark バス bus

Back by popular demand, there will be the super cheap bus tour again!!
The round trip from Shibuya to the campsite and back, will leave August 24th, Saturday, for only 4,400yen ! The reservation is open now!! (It sold out quick last year. We recommend early reservation. )

●The bus tour is round trip only, and the departure date is only on August 24th Saturday.


< Departure >

Depart from in front of the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.
26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya Tokyo, 150-8512
(5 minutes from Shibuya Station)
Departure Time: 10:30AM
*Please be on board by 10:20AM
Arrival Time:1:30 PM Sugenuma campsite.

< Return >

August 30th (SUN)
The bus will leave from the entrance of the campsite.
Departure Time:3:00 PM (Please be on board by 2:50 PM)
Estimated arrival time in Shibuya: 6:00PM

*The bus fare must be deposited beforehand.
*No ticket sales at the bus. All tickets are sold through reservation.
*You cannot reserve specific seats.
All seats are free seats. First-come-first-served.
*Depending on the traffic, the arrival might be delayed.
*The bus will stop for restroom break on the way and back.
*As soon as the bus capacity is reached, there will be no more tickets.
*The bus fare does not include the entrance ticket. You can purchase tickets at e+, CLUBBERIA, And Resident Advisor.

<< The bus tickets are sold through below link >>

※You can only purchase the bus tickets on Peatix. If you want to buy the entrance tickets, please go to the homepage below for more information.

When boarding the bus, please tell your name and reservation number to the attendant.
Once you check in, please board the bus without delay.
The bus will leave on time. Please do not be late. There is no refund for the bus fare if you are late.

<< How about a relaxing trip on a local bus from Tobu Nikko Station to the campsite? >>

The bus will go through famous scenic spots like Irohazaka, Chuzenjiko, and Senjogahara. To go to Tobu Nikko Station, get up early and ride the “Express Liberty Kegon 1.” It leaves Asakusa on 6:30AM and it will take you to Tobu Nikko in an hour and 52 minutes! From the Tobu Nikko, take the local bus “Nikko Oze Katashina Express.” You will be in the campsite in one hour and 28 minutes! The bus schedule is the same on both August 28rd and 29th.

Asakusa 6:30AM → Tobu Nikko 8:22AM.

*”Express Liberty Kegon 1” bound for Tobu Nikko is 1,358yen. Additional Express fee is 1,440yen.

(It is possible to ride the Express from Kasukabe Station in Saitama also. Departure is on 7:02AM.)

Tobu Nikko 8:35AM → Sugenuma 10:03

*”Nikko Oze Katashina Express”

There is also another way to get to the campsite. Though there is transfers, you can come without worrying about the departure time by this way.

Take the “Spacia Express” from Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Urawa, or Omiya to Tobu Nikko, the walk 6 minutes to JR Nikko Station.
From JR Nikko bus stop, take the Tobu Bus bound for Yumoto Onsen.
Once you get off, go tho the Kan-Etsu Kotsu Bus Stop and take the “Nikko Oze Katashina Express” to Sugenuma. The venue for the GLOBAL ARK 2020 is right in front of you!

Regarding Covid-19 and prevention of its spread

GLOBAL ARK will be held in an open-air campsite with a large space, so the risk of infection is considered to be relatively low; but depending on the location or time of day, it is assumed that there will be a larger group of people gathering and the infection risk can increase. Due to the nature of this virus which has two routes of infection, through contacting and through the droplet in the air, and there is incubation period even without any symptoms, it's possible that the virus is carried by anyone without knowing. We kindly ask all visitors to understand the infection route of the virus and be sure to keep in mind the following points.

Also please understand that if you do not follow these precautions, for the sake of the safety and psychological security of other visitors, we may ask you to leave the venue, or you may suspend GLOBAL ARK 2020 itself.

This year we set the dress code of “fashion mask.” Please understand that a mask must be worn at the venue.

Please wear a mask besides when eating, drinking or smoking. Please don’t take off the mask and keep it on your face while eating and smoking too, such as by sliding down to your chin or hanging it on your ear. (We understand that there are different options regarding the mask, but please cooperate us with the new social manner.)

We will inspect temperatures and refund the tickets to the visitors who might be infected, so presumably the venue will be safe. However, there are a lot of uncertain facts regarding this new virus so please behave with extra caution.

In order to carry out the party successfully, please follow the points below to prevent the spread of infection. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Read until the end.

◆ Thermometry

A non-contact thermometer will be used to measure the temperature at the time of admission and boarding the tour bus, and those with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher cannot enter. Also, please be advised that if a person among the group of people traveling by the same car has a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, the entire group may be refused entry, in which case we will refund the ticket fee.

◆Always wear a mask

As a general rule, it is mandatory to wear a mask to prevent splash from the time of admission to the end (except when eating/drinking and in bungalows/tents). If you do not wear a mask, the staff may call you out.
Also, regardless of the mask performance, please refrain from using disposable non-woven masks as much as possible. The venue is outdoors and ventilation is secured. Furthermore, the event is held in the summer full of ultraviolet rays, which can kill the viruses. With everyone's cooperation, we believe that a non-woven mask is not necessary. It's not a good feeling to see a disposable masks on a conductor, aisle, or floor falling as trash. Please do not litter disposable masks.
Additionally, wearing a mask can cause heat to be trapped and make it hard to feel the thirst, so the risk of heat stroke can increase. Please do not overdo and take an early break in the tent, bungalow, or in the shade where you can keep a distance from people. For children, please use mask upon the parents's advisory in order to prevent heat stroke.

◆ Avoid "mitsu" -closeness-

Please retain a sufficient distance between people in the venue. Think of it as the distance where you straighten up your arms sideway without touching each other. In particular, it is easy for the two dance floors, GROUND AREA and WOOD LAND to be overpopulated, so please keep caution.
Also please provide regular ventilation in tents or bungalows. We encourage frequent hand washing. The hand sanitizers will be installed in each place. We will oblige you to be careful with hygiene, and kindly ask you to refrain from talking on the floor as much as possible.

◆On the bus

To prevent infection on the tour bus, please always wear a mask and refrain from talking as much as possible. The infection countermeasures on the tour bus are followings.

・Disinfection before and after the bus operation. Installation of antiseptic solution in the bus
・Use of masks, gloves, and gargles and hand washing for the crew members and tour operators
・Health status check-up on the crew members and tour operators before and after operation
・Transparent partitions installed between the driver's seat and passenger area
・Ventilation inside the bus while driving (to prevent the sealed state inside the bus)

※Advantages of tour buses
The bus will be sterilized and disinfected before operation. It should be safer than trains or taxis which are used by numerous unspecified people, and you can also avoid contact with anyone other than the passenger on the bus.
A round-trip at an exceptional deal (4400 yen) will take you from Shibuya, ¥Tokyo directly to the venue. Please consider the round-trip bus tour as an option.

◆Check before visiting

For those who fall into the following categories within two weeks from the day of the GLOBAL ARK 2020, please understand and refrain from visiting. Be especially careful if you live with an elderly person or a family member who has a basic illness.

· Those who have a fever that exceeds normal body temperature (generally 37.5 degrees or more)
·Those who have symptoms of cough, sore throat, tiredness, fatigue, dyspnea, and dyspnea
·Those who have an abnormality in tasting or smelling
·Those who are suspected of contacting a person infected with Covid-19
·Those who have their family member or an acquaintance infected
·Those who have traveled to a country or region where the government has set restrictions on entry, or those who have contacted anyone coming from those regions, within the past 14 days

In addition, if you do not come to the event due to the symptoms or matters mentioned above, we will refund the ticket price if you email us a photo of the ticket along with the certificate of corona test. We will not refund the tickets for any other accidents or illnesses, so let’s all stay safe and healthy until the event.

◆Take your trash

Please be sure to take responsibility for the items you bring in during the event. In particular, make sure to put the used masks and tissues in a plastic bag and seal it tightly before taking it home. (If you will take train or bus, please ask the staff where to dispose the garbage.)

◆ Eating and drinking in the venue

To take extra precaution in order to prevent infection, please refrain from sharing drinks or food with others, or using the same tongs etc. to share from the same platter. Also, please refrain from eating or drinking while walking in the venue.

◆Walk on the right side

Please walk to the right inside the venue.

◆ Staff equipment

Please note that the staff will always wear masks and face guards, and gloves will be worn at the restaurant.

◆Director's instructions

Please understand that visitors should follow other measures and instructions decided by the organizer during the event. If you do not follow the instructions, we may ask you to leave, in which case the ticket fee cannot be refunded.

◆ Report to the organizer when symptoms occur

If you notice any symptoms and suspect infection of Covid-19 within 2 weeks from GLOBL ARK 2020, please promptly report to the organizer, and we will share the info via the email address used for the advanced ticket sale.

Thank you.